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2100m2 divided by 4 places and placed between Foz do Douro and Matosinhos, the Edifício Transparente embraces the seafront of Porto and Matosinhos, appearing at the confluence of Avenida Brasil, in Foz, with the west entrance of Parque da Cidade.

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The space where the culture moves!

We are a space where ideas manifest, grow and build.

We act as an accelerator of creative potential and new ideas.

We are the perfect place to inspire your work, build your voice and grow.

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TAIKAI Labs is a studio dedicated to build a hub and web3 tools for decentralized development. They focus on hackathons, bounties and frameworks.


An informal and dynamic space, exclusively dedicated to the ecosystem of Web3 organizations.

The objective is to create a great vibe and flexible environment, with a decentralized workspace to enhance a positive work culture.


A space with a strong sense of community, where everything can be co-developed, co-created, and co-shared.


The place where we can meet people with the same interests, generate and discuss new ideas, creating synergies. Gather the right tools to ensure greater productivity in our work, an efficient network, and the perfect work/life balance.

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Image by Pedro Menezes
Image by Pedro Menezes
Image by Pedro Menezes
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